Festkolloquium zu Ehren Prof. Dr. Werner Heils

 Common colloquium to honour Prof. Dr. Werner Heil and his scientific accomplishments.  ... 

Senior Professorship
Werner Heil got a senior professorship for two years to continue his scientific research.
DPG article about clock-comparison experiments

Werner Heil has published the article `Uhren mit Spin' in the second 2016 issue of the DPG journal 'Physik Journal'. It can be accessed online following this link:

Multipole magnet for tSPECT has been delivered

The multipole magnet for the radial magnetic storage of UCN at tSPECT has been delivered. It is made of permanent magnets. In the next steps its magnetic field will be scanned using a 3-axis hall probe. It is expected that it will be included in the tSPECT set-up in summer 2016 so that a first storage time measurement using full magnetic storage of UCN can take place in autumn 2016.  ... 

First storage of UCN with tSPECT!

Ultra-cold neutrons were stored in the tSPECT experiment for the first time in a beamtime in July 2015. This consitutes the proof-of-principle for tSPECT.  ... 

May 2015: Commissioning of tSPECT has started

In April and May a first beam time with tSPECT has taken place. Several components have been tested. In a first step UCN have been transmitted throught the tSPECT set-up. >100000 UCN have been observed at the exit of tSPECT.  ... 

2.4.2015 UCN source at TRIGA successfully restarted
New article published in Physical Review Letters

Physical Review Letters, 112 (2014), 110801 (1-5)  "New Limit on Lorentz-Invariance- and CPT-Violating Neutron Spin Interactions Using a Free-Spin-Precession 3He-129Xe Comagnetometer" by F.Allmendinger, W.Heil, S.Karpuk, W.Kilian, A.Scharth, U.Schmidt, A.Schnabel, Yu.Sobolev, and K.Tullney

Results of new Measurement of the Neutron Electric to Magnetic Form Factor Ratio published in Physical Review Letters
New article published in Physical Review Letters

Physical Review Letters, 111 (2013), 100801 (1-5) "Constraints on Spin-Dependent Short-Range Interaction between Nucleons" by K.Tullney, F.Allmendinger, M.Burghoff, W.Heil, S.Karpuk, W.Kilian, S.Knappe-Grüneberg, W.Müller, U.Schmidt, A.Schnabel, F.Seifert, Yu.Sobolev, and L.Trahms

Beamtime with aSPECT completed successfully

After 95 days of beamtime the aSPECT experiment finished with measurements at the beamline PF1b at the ILL. The online analysis shows that the data are useful and that systematic uncertainties are under control at the level of da/a < 1%.

New beamtime with aSPECT at PF1b at ILL ongoing

A new beamtime with cold neutrons from PF1B has started for the aSPECT experiment at the ILL end of April. It will last until the beginning of August. The goal is to measure the beta-neutrino angular correlaton coefficient a with a precision of da/a~1%.

Neues Projekt "MRI mit innovativen hyperpolarisierten Kontrastmitteln" wird gefördert
ILL beamtime for aSPECT at PF1b approved for spring 2013
Discharge issue at aSPECT solved

We have shown in an offline measurement that we have eliminated the discharges and retardation voltage dependent background of the beam time in 2011. We now can expect a successful measurement of the beta-neutrino angular correlation with aSPECT. Therefore, we have applied for a new beam time with cold neutrons at PF1b at ILL.

Exzellenzcluster PRISMA wird gefördert

 Am 15.6.2012 wurde bekanntgegeben, dass das Exzellenzcluster PRISMA im Rahmen der Exzellenzinitiative gefördert wird. PRISMA umfasst Projekte aus den Gebieten der Astroteilchen-, Hochenergie- und Hadronenphysik, Kernchemie sowie der Präzisionsphysik mit ultrakalten Neutronen und Ionenfallen in Mainz. Für uns besonders wichtig ist die Förderung der Physik mit ultrakalten Neutronen. Hier wird insbesondere die Messung der Lebensdauer des Neutrons gefördert.

Kelvin probe for the measurements of work functions for aSPECT and KATRIN
First successfull measurement of the spin-precession of ³He polarized by the polarizer unit and filled via transfer-line into the test shield

At 23 January 2012 there was the first successful test to transport polarized ³He from the polarizer unit via the transfer line and to measure the free spin precession of ³He inside the test shield. With a polarization of ~ 50 % and a pressure of 10 mbar inside the storage cell a very clear signal was observed from magnetometer cell in the measurement setup!!!

aSPECT beamtime completed
New beamtime with aSPECT

A new measurement with aSPECT is ongoing at ILL until 18th October 2011. The goal of the beamtime is to determine the beta neutrino angular correlation coefficient at the level of 1-2%.

First observation of precession of hyperpolarized ³He in a glass cell at very low pressure by lamp-pumped Cesium magnetometer

First ever confirmed observation of precession of hyperpolarized 3He in a glass cell at very low pressure (1 mbar) by lamp-pumped Cesium magnetometer!!!