The aSPECT beamtime 2013

During the 2013 beamtime with aSPECT proton recoil spectra were taken with good statistics under different conditions. Various measurements for systematic investigations were performed, a.o. for detailed investigation of the background and for the edge effect. The magentic field ratio was determined using NMR and the stability of the magnetic field was monitored using precision Hall probes. The major systematic effects that were seen in 2008 and 2011 were reduced to at least a level that is needed for a measurement with da/a ~ 1%.

There are still some support measurements needed to finalize the data set:

  • 2nd calibration of the Hall probes and the Agilent digital multimeter to ensure that they were fully operational during the full beamtime
  • Measurement of the work function of the decay and analyzing plane electrodes that were used during the beamtime. This is an important input parameter to understand several systematic effects using simulations.
  • Test measurments with the preamplifier and shaper of the detector used during the beamtime. This is to confirm that the detector electronics was working properly and to understand details of the nonlinear amplification of the shaper.

And naturally the complete and detailed data analysis and associate simulations have to be performed.