First UCN stored in tSPECT

During a beam time in July 2015 ultra-cold neutrons were stored in the tSPECT experiment for the first time. UCN from the UCN-source of the TRIGA reactor in Mainz were sent into the tSPECT set-up. After traversing a first magnetic field maximum an AFP spin flipper converted the high field seekers into low field seekers which were stored in a low field region of approx. 1m length between the first magnetic field maximum and a second magnetic field maximum. Radial storage was achieved using a quartz-tube for material wall storage. The storage of the neutrons was confirmed by ejecting the stored neutrons backward after some storage time using again the spin flipper and detecting them using a CASCADE neutron detector.

Next steps include the commissioning of the magnetic multipole magnet for magnetic radial wall storage, to be delivered in September 2015, and the installation of the detector for the decay proton detection.