aSPECT magnet

UCN are stored in tSPECT using magnetic storage. This is based on the Stern-Gerlach force that a particle with a magnetic moment, like then neutron, experiences in a magnetic gradient field. At tSPECT the gradient of the magnetic bottle is formed by the superconducting magnet system of the aSPECT experiment in axial direction and a magnetic multipole inserted into the bore of the aSPECT cryostat for the radial direction.

B-field for longitudinal storage


B-field of the aSPECT magnet system:

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Small timeline

Arrival of the aSPECT magnet system at the TRIGA Mainz, April 2014

Arrival in the TRIGA neutron guide hall

First tests of aSPECT at TRIGA, August 2014

Test measurements of the aSPECT cryogenic system

After the first beam time with UCN, April 2015

During the first beam time with UCN