Multipole magnet

The magnetic multipole magnet is used for the radial storage of UCN in tSPECT. It gets inserted into the aSPECT cryostat system, which provides for the axial magnetic storage of the UCN.

The multipole magnet consists of permanent magnets of SmCo. It provides for a magnetic wall of approx. 1T azimuthally at a radius of 5.4 cm from the axis of the tSPECT cryostat. Together with the longitudinal field of the superconducting magnets, which has for two magnetic field maxima at the ends of the magnetic multipole this provides for a volume of approx. 10 liters of low field fully enclosed by a high magnetic field in all directions, in which UCN with energies < 60 neV can be stored.

The magnetic multipole magnet has been delivered in December 2015 (see photo below). Its magnetic field will be mapped using a 3-axis hall probe in the first half of 2016. It is planned to set it up in tSPECT in summer 2016 and to measure a first storage time in autumn 2016.

First view on the multipole magnet after unpacking